Incidentally, you’ve stumbled upon a heap of scrambled papers from an aspiring writer! Some are unpremeditated brush strokes on everyday experiences, some are deliberate attempts to master a specific skill, still others are pure rantings of a directionless thinking. Neither sound, nor silent. While that seems a bittersweet candy, there’s more to what you can taste here:

– Interesting perspectives on (mundane) everyday noticing
– Original articles on a plethora of writing genres
– Authentic reviews of books, music, movies, happenings, you name it.
– Baby steps of a poet
– My two cents on excellence in writing
– (Hopefully) my book announcements!

In short, a green patch floating on a calm river. Will it thrive by developing enough endurance to absorb nutrients around it, or sink by losing spirit of its tricky situation? Find out by putting your hand inside and picking a paper out of this “mystery box”. Statutory warning— It’s addictive.